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Philippines: Island Dreams

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Philippines - backpacking - Wander the World

Philippines “Feeling like a true mermaid”

“Breathing dreams like air”, this is how I would describe the feeling when traveling to the Philippines. I have never seen nature so sincere and beautiful. If you want to travel to Asia, I can definitely recommend you to go here. The nature of the different island is magical, I still can’t believe I was able to see such beautiful things.

The Philippines compromises more than 7000 Island, enough to explore, experience and admire! We visited 11 Islands in the Philippines: Kalusunan Island, Cebu, Mactan, Bohol, Panglao Island, Balicasag, Palawan, Miniloc Island, Snake Island, Entatula Island and Cathedral cave.

Adventure seekers will definitely be amazed by the things you can explore, experience and admire! There is beautiful nature all around you and the crystal clear blue water just makes you want to swim all day. Fall in love with the sandy beaches, blue seas rich of exotic fishes and colorful corals and the relaxed vibe of an eternal summer.

Balicasag Island - Philippines - Wander the World

Balicasag Island

Big Lagoon, El Nido - Philippines - Wander the World

Big Lagoon, El Nido Palawan

Snake Island - Philippines - Wander the World

Snake Island, El Nido



Cebu – Kawasan Falls 

The easiest way to escape Manila is to book a flight from Manila to another Island. In our case we first traveled to Cebu City (airport on Mactan Island) to visit the Kawasan Falls. Depending on where you are traveling from, you can choose to have a direct flight to Cebu City or first to Manila (Capital of the Philippines). I wouldn’t recommend you to stay in Manila. We booked a trip to visit the Kawasan Falls on Island Trek Tours. They arranged pick up in the morning from any hotel in Cebu City or Mactan Island (close to the airport) and after the canyoneering they bring you back to the city. Canyoneering was one of the best things we did: traveling down creeks and steams within beautiful canyons. We did everything: walking, jumping, swimming, climbing, abseiling from the Canloab river downstream to the Kawasan falls. It was an amazing day. If you want to take this canyoneering tour, check out their website:

Island trektours Kawasan Falls

After the trek the driver brought us to the port were we took a ferryboat to Bohol, Tagbilaran.

Where to stay?  We booked a hotel close to the Airport since we arrived very late. These hotels are clean and pretty cheap.

Kawasan Falls, Cebu - Philippines - Wander the World


Bohol – Pangloa Island – Chocolate Hills – Balicasag 

From Cebu City we took a ferry to Tagbilaran, a city south-west of Bohol. You can buy this ticket when you arrive at the port with organizations like OceanJet. TIP: make sure you have protection for your luggage, they just throw it on the deck and don’t cover it for the rain.

Where to stay

We stayed in this amazing hotel Ananyana Beach Resort on Panglao Island, excellent service and amazing stay! They arranged our trip to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Alternative: a lot of tour operators organize day trips to the chocolate hills, you can also just book it when you arrive in Bohol or Panglao.

Follow them on:

Ananyana beach resort

Ananyana Beach Resort, Panglao - Philippines - Wander the World

Ananyana Beach Resort, Panglao - Philippines - Wander the World

Chocolate Hills, Bohol - Philippines - Wander the World


Ananyana Resort also arranged an amazing trip to Balicasag Island where we were able to dive. I’m not a licensed Padi diver, but my boyfriend is. You can also snorkel on the island and you will always be able to see turtles! It was so beautiful. TIP: If you like diving, make sure to have your open water license. Taking the course in the Philippines is pretty expensive and you’re not always allowed to do an initiation dive due to the strong current. Diving is not expensive when you already have your license.


Turtle, Balicasag Island - Philippines - Wander the World


Bohol – Cebu City – Puerto Princesa

If you want to travel to Palawan, El Nido you have two options:

  1. You can take a direct flight from Cebu City to Puerto Princesa, here you can buy a ticket for a mini van that will drive you to El Nido (It is a 6hour drive, not to comfortable but very cheap). We took this option to go to El Nido.
  2. You can fly back to Manila and take a plane with ITI (Island Transvoyager, Inc.) direct to El Nido. It is very comfortable but a little bit more expensive then when you’re flying from Puerto Princesa. You can book your tickets through El Nido boutique and artcafe

Palawan – El Nido – Miniloc Island

“We do not take a trip. A trip takes us.” – John Steinbeck. When you arrive in El Nido you just get amazed by all the islands you see popping up in the ocean. It is amazing how something so small can be so beautiful. Everywhere in El Nido town they over you tours to visit the different Islands, you can also do some adventurous things: climbing, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding,… This trip will definitely fulfill all your hopes and travel dreams!

Where to stay

At Barangay, Corong beach you have some really nice and cheap beach cottages. It has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere and it is close to El Nido. From the airport in El Nido or busstop you can take a tricycle to your cottages.

El Nido, Corong beach

El Nido, Corong beach

If you want to stay in a resort, I would recommend El Nido beach Resort Miniloc Island. The service and activities organized are amazing. It is an Eco-Discovery Island with a focus on sustainability and hospitality. The resort is next to the Big Lagoon and Secret Beach. You can just take your kayak and check things out, in front of the Resort you can snorkel/dive with jack fishes and “Nemo” or clownfishes. It is just amazing!

Check it out on their website: El Nido Resort

El Nido beach resort, Miniloc Island

El Nido beach resort, Miniloc Island

Finding Nemo, Miniloc Island

Finding Nemo, Miniloc Island



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